Baltic Bodybuilding Championships 2020


Prienai district municipality physical culture and sports center

Pramonės g. 20, Prienai 2020 11 08


10:00-11:30                 Athletes registration

13:00                            Competition starts

Registration and competition times may vary slightly, please follow the information!

Athletes must submit music in m3 format.

Wanting to pay the participation fee by bank transfer -->>link for payment information

  • Participant's entry with NAC federation passport for 1 category- 30 Eur
  • Participant's entry with NAC federation passport for 2 categories- 60 Eur
  • Participant's entry fee for category 1 without NAC passport - 40 Euros
  • Participant's entry fee for 2 categories without NAC passport - 80 Euros


 Each registration fee for a category gives 1 additional pass to the coach / make-up competitor.

 The competition will be conducted in Lithuanian / Russian / English.


1. Miss. Shape >> MORE

2. Miss Bikini - >> more

3. Miss Bikini first-timers - athletes participating in the competition for the first season

4. junior male bodybuilding -23 m. inclusive

5. Male bodybuilders - athletes participating in the competition for the first season

6. Male veterans +40 m. - born on November 8, 1980 and earlier

7. Men Classic physique --- >> more

8. Men Physique --- >> more

9. Men Body Class 2 - men's bodybuilding up to 179 cm inclusive

10. Men Body Class 1 - men's bodybuilding from 180 cm

11. The absolute men’s category is attended by the winners of the Men Body I, Men Body II, Men Classic Physique, Male Bodybuilders, Junior and Veteran Bodybuilders categories. A participant of Men Classic Physique needs to to wear the bodybuilding type of competition.

In the absence of 6 athletes in the Men Body categories, the categories can be combined.



1st place - 6 points

2nd place - 5 points

3rd place - 4 points

4th place - 3 points

5th place - 2 points

6th place - 1 point

Team and coach points are calculated by registering on behalf of one club or country.

Only judges of the Lithuanian Bodybuilding Federation, who have active judges' certificates with 2020. The same rule applies to judges from other countries.

Organizer: Karolis Žilinskas

Tel: +370 670 19019

e-mail: [email protected]

Organizer: Vytautas Brazdauskas

Tel: +370 671 96954

e-mail: [email protected]

Head judge: Vladas Jovaiša
Tel: +370 611 14969
 Secretary: Liucija Stakaitytė

Registration for the competition: in the form below